Our Cockapoos are First Generation crossbred meaning both parents are purebred poodle and purebred cocker spaniel.  Our Cockapoo Puppy parents are register(able) with the AKC.  Many of our cocker spaniels and poodles have outstanding Championship AKC pedigrees.  Here at Acura Cockapoos, Inc, the Miniature Poodle is the sire and the Cocker Spaniel is the dam. Adults mature to 14 to 30 lbs. depending on the size of the parents and the sex of the puppy.

The first generation Cockapoo is known to have hybrid vigor (or sometimes called the heterrosis effect) meaning they are typicallly healthier than their purebred parents.  Also, our vet tells us that cross breeding for first generation cockapoos helps to reduce the probability of the health problems associated with each breed.

Their hair grows very long and does not shed howeve they  do require grooming every 8 to 12 weeks depending on the desired length of hair. Since they do not shed, they are excellent for families with allergies or asthma. They come in a variety of colors: buff, red, chocolate, black, white, and a variety of parti-colors. I ted to raise various shades of cream, apricot, red plus some chocolate brown Cockapoo Puppies. 

The temperament of my Cockapoos is very outgoing and friendly. They get the intelligence of the Poodle, and the sturdiness/loyalty of the Cocker. The puppies are well socialized with children, cats, and dogs. They are very playful, and they enjoy fetching and playing with toys.

If we have had one complaint about our dogs, it is that they are too friendly.

They may bark to alert you of an intruder, but they would probably go home with the robber!