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Cockapoo Puppies are $1700.

Cockapoo Puppies are $1700.  A nonrefundable/transferabe Deposit of $300 will hold your Cockapoo Puppy until pick up (there is a $12 PayPal Fee). This $300 is applied to the price of your Puppy.

Please be sure the puppy you place a deposit is the puppy you want for your family.  The puppy you place a deposit on is the puppy you will take home. Deposits are Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

Cockapoo puppies are ready for new homes at 7 - 8 weeks old.   Cockapoo Puppies go home with 1) Health Warranty, 2) their tail docked and their dew claws removed (no exceptions), 3) age appropriate parasite treatments, 4) well puppy veterinarian check at 7 weeks which includes a fecal exam,  5) first puppy vaccine (DAPP) which is the first puppy vaccine in a series of three, 6) a complete medical record for your veterinarian 7) microchipped for theft and loss with prepaid microchip registration, 8) Super Puppy Training Book and 9) a 6 lb bag of Purina Pro Plan Chicken Puppy Food and 10) toys that are well loved by our Cockapoo Puppies!

For questions send and email to  acurapuppies@gmail.com








The coat type of the cockapoo will vary as characteristics are inherited from both the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. There may even be some variety within the litter.The three possible types of coat are, a tight curly coat, a loose wavey/ringlet coat and a straighter coat. I do not guarantee the coat texture/curliness of a puppy as it matures to an adult. I do not guarantee the adult size. I give my best estimate on adult size but that is just that...a best guess estimate based on the size of the parents and past cockapoo puppies. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable once you select a puppy. Once you select a puppy that is the puppy you will go home with regardless of size, weight, height, coat texture or color.