The Wait List Policies Apply to Everyone!

Cockapoo Puppy Prices are $1550
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NonRefundable/Transferable Deposit $250 + $10 PP Fees
Deposits are applied to the Price of the Cockapoo Puppy

*ALL deposits are NON-refundable & NON-transferable unless the puppy is found to have a medical issue that will keep the Cockapoo Puppy from being a quality pet/companion.   If, at the 7 week health check, the Cockapoo Puppy is determined to be unfit for purchase, the Buyer is entitled to 1) an available cockapoo puppy 2) refund of deposit.

The coat type of the Cockapoo will vary as characteristics are inherited from both the poodle and the cocker spaniel. There may even be some variety within a litter. The three possible coat types are a tight curly coat, a loose wavy/ringlet coat and a straighter coat.  I do not guarantee the coat texture/curliness of a puppy as it matures to an adult.
Average Litter is 5

1.    You must select a Mom/Litter. 
2.    Once puppies are born I will send an email to the families on that Mom/Litter announcing the litter with a link for family/general pictures and pertinent information.
3.    When I am sure that puppies are doing well, gaining weight and I am feeling pretty secure about their health I will start selection for that litter.  Usually when puppies are about 10 to 14 days old.  Puppies not selected through selection process will be offered on the Available Puppies page of the website.
4.    Selection is made in order the deposits are received.
5.    Colors are probable and not guaranteed in any one litter.
6.    Once it is your turn to select a puppy your options are 1) select a puppy from those offered 2) select a puppy from the available puppies page of the website or 3) transfer to another Mom/Litter (you can only transfer to another Mom/Litter ONE TIME only after this you will forfeit your deposit) at the bottom of the list.  If there are no Mom/Litters due you must take an available puppy from the Mom/Litter chosen or on the available puppies page of the website.
7.    If there are not enough puppies in the litter you've selected 1) take an available puppy or 2) transfer to another Mom/Litter at the bottom of the list  (this does not apply to the one time transfer).
8.    If a Mom does not become pregnant (rarely does this happen) 1) take an available puppy or 2) transfer to another Mom/Litter at the bottom of the list.
9.    Deposits are not refundable unless at the 7 week well pet veterinarian visit my veterinarian finds a health issue that renders the puppy unfit for purchase.  No exceptions.
10.    Once you select a puppy the deposit is not transferable to another puppy at any time.
11.   Puppies must go home on the dates specified once the Mom/Litter has arrived.  Check the approximate go home dates to be sure you will be available in that timeframe to pick up your Cockapoo puppy.
12.    Once you place a deposit you automatically agree to the T&C of the Wait List Policies and the Health Warranty.
13.    If you do not wish to place a deposit send an email and get on the Contact List and you will be notified when Cockapoo puppies are available on the website after selection for each litter is complete.  Those already on the Contact List will continue to receive updates.

If you are specific about a color and gender it's best to not get on the Wait List. There are no guarantees w/regards to color/gender in any one specific litter.

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