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Red Miniature Poodle

Butler is a red miniature poodle. He is very square in confirmation with a very pretty face!  Butler is a very happy dog with a lot of tail wagging personality.  He loves to be played with, play ball, and chase. He is a very alert, obedient and smart poodle. Butler also has a very warm loving heart and loves to be petted and lay on your lap.   He is a super sire of some absolutely stunning cockapoo puppies in cream, apricot, red, black, brown, phantom and sable!

Butler is about 14" tall and 14.2 lbs. 

Pictured below are some of his puppies!  They are all in loving homes!

Butler/Luvvy Puppy
DOB:  2/2014

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Butler/Luvvy Puppy
DOB:  2/2014
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