Raising first generation miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in chocolate brown, red, apricot, sable, black, phantom and particolor.  We are conveniently located 3 miles off I-26 in Irmo, SC. A small town northwest of Columbia, South Carolina.

Driving distance to:
South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, SC (3 hours)
Charleston, SC (2 hours)
Augusta, SC (1.5 hours)
Greenville, SC (1.5 hours)
Spartanburg, SC ( 1.25 hours)
North Carolina:
Asheville, NC (2.5 hours)
Charlotte, NC (2 hours)
Raleigh, NC (4.0 hours)
Knoxville, TN (4 hours)
Atlanta, GA (3.5 hours)
Richmond (4.5 hours)
Shipping & Delivery Options Available

BELOW are our available Cockapoo puppies! 

A non-refundable deposit of $150 will hold a cockapoo puppy for you until it's time to pick him/her up and go home!  Your deposit is applied to the price of your cockapoo puppy. We cannot hold cockapoo puppies without a deposit.
All deposits on available cockapoo puppies are non-refundable unless my vet finds an issue at the well puppy visit that keeps the puppy from being a healthy pet. Take a few minutes to read the Warranty and the Buyer Responsibilities. By placing a NonRefundable deposit you are agreeing to the terms of these two documents!

Our TRUE 100% First Generation Cockapoo Puppies are:
  • healthy, smart and beautiful!
  • well socialized with people.
  • up-to-date on vaccines; wormed, tails & dew claws removed.
  • vet checked with fecal exam before they go home. 
  • potential for fewer genetic disease than future generations (F1b, F2, F3, etc.).
  • hypoallergenic and low/no shedding.
  • health guaranteed.

The advantages of a first generation Cockapoo Puppy are:
  • a low to non-shedding, hypoallergenic, softly curling coat that is easy to maintain.
  • above average intelligence.
  • playful & spirited behavior, very comical, sweet natured & loving.
  • easily trained (especially house & crate training!).
  • excellent family and children's pet.
  • first generation Cockapoos have more hybrid vigor than future generations.
  • more classic Cockapoo look.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a cockapoo puppy, please feel free to ask for my vet's name, phone number and email address for a reference!
NOTE: We NEVER knowingly send home a puppy that is ill or has a health issue!  If a puppy has a health issue identified at the 7 week well puppy visit I will call and discuss the problem with you so you can make an informed decision on what to do. 

You are, of course, more than welcome to come and pick up your new cockapoo puppy (we would love to meet you!) but if you live a distance we do offer shipping and delivery options. 
Click HERE for shipping info!        Click HERE for delivery options!

Columbia, South Carolina            Phone:  803-446-2400         Email:  AcuraCockapoos@sc.rr.com 
F1 First Generation TRUE 100% Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in Chocolate Brown, Black, Particolor, Red, Sable, Apricot, Buff and Phantom
We have Cockapoo Puppies for Sale across the USA to include South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Alabama, Texas, California and even Alaska!

Updated: 4/11/2014
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Please read the South Carolina Puppy Lemon Law and the Buyer Responsibilities.
By placing a NonRefundable* Deposit you are agreeing to the terms of the South Carolina Puppy Lemon Law and the Buyer Responsibilities.

* Deposits are nonrefundable for ANY reason unless at the 7 week well puppy check up my vet finds a health issue that makes the puppy unfit for purchase. 
See the SC Puppy Lemon Law for details.

Puppies are vet checked, first pupppy vaccine and fecal at 7 weeks of age before leaving my care!
You are provided all medical information for your veterinarian!
This insures your puppy is healthy in ALL respects when you take him/her home!
Vet references are provided if you ask!

Along with your Acura Cockapoo puppy, every new puppy parent will receive:

  • Health Guarantee Per the South Carolina Puppy Lemon Law.
  • Tails are docked and dew claws are removed.
  • First Puppy Vaccine (Five Way Puppy Vaccine) DA2PPV given by my veterinarian.  It is required by the SC Puppy Law your puppy have its first puppy vaccine before leaving the breeder.  This vaccine assists in building immunity and provide peace of mind for you that your puppy is well on his way to being fully able to ward off infectious diseases. 
  • Vet Checked just before going home to insure your puppy is healthy before leaving our care.
  • Fecal exam with our veterinarian to insure when your puppy leaves our care there are no internal parasites present. 
  • Age appropriate wormings.
  • Vaccination/worming/health record keeper for your veterinarian.  This is essential for your first puppy visit with the veterinarian.
  • Microchip for Permanent Identification - Click HERE for info!  Registration is the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Revolution - Heartworm, Flea, Internal Parasites Preventative
  • Coupon for Banfield Pet Hosp (located inside Petsmart) for either 1) free office visit or 2) discount on first year Wellness Plan.
  • Puppy Goody Bag
  • Puppy Care Manual - Articles I have collected along the way, put into a Word document, that I feel are helpful/useful to both new and old puppy parents!
  • I am here to help if you need assistance. If it is a medical emergency, do not call me, go directly to your veterinarian or a 24 hour emergency animal hospital.
  • Best of all, a well socialized, happy, loving lifetime pet!

There are no cockapoo puppies available at this time!

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