First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
Located in South Carolina! Our F1 Mini Cockapoo Puppies are in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, USA & Canada!


Updated 6/27/17


Puppies are evaluated daily for temperament; how their personalities are developing for their age on a consistent basis once they begin to walk (about 3 weeks of age). Neither the Mom or Me develops/molds the personality of a puppy.  We are just the start of the process!  When Cockapoo Puppies go home between seven and eight weeks old they are happy, inquisitive, energetic, playful and sweet natured. It is the new families job to further develop and enhance what is started here.  New Families will continue to develop their puppy's personality and build on their great temperament by socialization, training, building respect and love...lots of LOVE, hugs and smiles!

CLICK HERE to see their Available Cockapoo Puppies!
Four Puppies Available (Boys & Girls)
Red & White Particolor, Cream/Buff

CLICK HERE to see their Available Cockapoo Puppies!
One Girl Puppy Available

CLICK HERE to see their Available Cockapoo Puppies!
Four GIRLS Puppies Available
Black Phantom, Sables, Light Apricot
Shipping is available at buyers expense. Shipping cost is NOT included in the price of the puppy.  During the summer months (May 1 through September 15) the only airline available is United which has an excellent warm weather shipping program but the highest priced airline to ship pets.  Airfare on United is $300.  Other months airfare on Delta is available for $250.  The cost for the airline approved carrier, required vet visit for the required FDA Health Certificate, gas/time to/from airport and parking is an additional $125.   Total Cost on United is $425. Total Cost on Delta is $375.   The balance of puppy and shipping costs must be paid ten (10) days prior to departure.  If you need your new Cockapoo puppy shipped to you, please email for more info before making a deposit.