Raising first generation miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in chocolate brown, red, apricot, sable, black, phantom and particolor.  We are conveniently located 3 miles off I-26 in Irmo, SC. A small town northwest of Columbia, South Carolina.

Driving distance to:
South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, SC (3 hours)
Charleston, SC (2 hours)
Augusta, SC (1.5 hours)
Greenville, SC (1.5 hours)
Spartanburg, SC ( 1.25 hours)
North Carolina:
Asheville, NC (2.5 hours)
Charlotte, NC (2 hours)
Raleigh, NC (4.0 hours)
Knoxville, TN (4 hours)
Atlanta, GA (3.5 hours)
Richmond (4.5 hours)

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Acura Cockapoos.  Cockapoo Breeder of Cockapoo Puppies in South Carolina, SC, Florida, FL, North Carolina NC and Georgia, GA! Our Toy, Mini, Miniature Cockapoo Puppies in Cockapoo colors such as chocolate brown, sable, red, apricot, black phantom, cream, black, buff and particolor are across the United States and some in Canada!  You will find Acura Cockapoos in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Mississippi, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Connecticut, Alabama, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Nevada.  Most of our Cockapoo puppies are in Atlanta GA, Marietta GA, Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Charlotte NC, Tampa FL, Miami FL, Greenville SC.  We have Cockapoos Puppies For Sale most of the time so you can get a new Cockapo puppy from Acura Cockapoos when you are ready to add to your family!
Our first generation Cockapoos are carefully bred from Poodle Sires and Cocker Spaniel Dams. Our adults have excellent temperaments and are vet checked yearly for optimum health. They are clear of skin, eye and ear issues, luxating patellas (knees) and hips are normal (OFA ready). Our purebred adults are AKC register-able, many from champion parents and carry champion lines.  Our adults are DNA tested.

  Cockapoo Breeder, F1 First Generation Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in South Carolina
Phone: 803-446-2400        Email: AcuraCockapoos@sc.rr.com

              Updated: 2/8/2016
Please refresh often.   Cockapoo Puppies that are SOLD are removed as quickly as possible.

All Cockapoo Puppies $1400

Deposits are for one specific puppy. 
Deposits are $200 + $9 Paypal fees.
Deposits are NonRefundable and NonTransferable and are for one specific puppy. Once you place a deposit on a puppy you cannot transfer the deposit to another puppy or litter.  The puppy you place the deposit on is the puppy you will take home unless you forfeit your deposit and start over with another nonrefundable/transferable deposit.  No Exceptions!
Deposit will be deducted from the total purchase price of the puppy! Thank-you!

Read the Health Warranty
By placing a Non-Refundable/Transferable deposit you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Health Warranty.

Puppies are selected through photos and information provided. 

PET HEALTH INSURANCE - I highly recommend obtaining Pet Health Insurance for your cockapoo! 
Should any illness, accident, hereditary/congenital issue arise after your Health Warranty expires,
you will be covered with Pet Health Insurance. 
CLICK HERE for a Pet Health Insurance Comparison Chart.  
My name is Andy! 
DOB:  1/7/16     Ready:  2/26/2016
CLICK HERE for more information about me!
My name is Billy! 
DOB:  1/28/16     Ready:  3/17/16
CLICK HERE for more information about me!
My name is Beau!  I am a Black Phantom!
DOB:  1/28/16     Ready:  3/17/16
CLICK HERE for more information about me!
My name is Bridgette! 
DOB:  1/28/16     Ready:  3/17/16
CLICK HERE for more information about me!
My name is Boomer! 
DOB:  1/28/16     Ready:  3/17/16
CLICK HERE for more information about me!

Every new Cockapoo puppy will come with: